A difficult lesson…and the need to keep learning.

I have had a tough week. Without going into detail, I have once again experienced a mismatch between the world and my expectations of it. I am having to reflect, hard, about the idea that I may be a bit of a bully towards people who do not work at the same speed or have the same values or priorities as I do. Reading the word bully in black and white brings tears to my eyes. It is not who I thought I was…..

I need to take some time to think about it and make some changes.  I need to learn from this.

Today I have been reflecting on my professional development over the last year, as I have my professional development review this week. In Scotland, we have a new-ish system called Professional Update whereby each year we have to record the professional learning we have done and link it to an annual review. Then every five years, we link it to an update of our GTCS (Genearl Teaching Council Scotland) registration status so that we can continue to teach in Scotland.

I have realised that I have had an abundance of learning and reflection opportunities over the last year and that there is very little that I have done professionally from which I have not been able to learn. Being seconded to the central education team has been an incredible opportunity for me to gain understanding of how the ‘next level’ works but also to work alongside and learn from colleagues in Health, Social Work, the Police, The Third Sector and Educational Psychology. Doing the Scottish ‘Into Headship’ course has been an absolute privilege and allowed me to access the best in current leadership research and practice. I have written more about this here: https://lenabellina.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/into-headship-spring-conference-2/

But this last year has also opened my eyes to the world of Edu-blogging and the online learning community within Twitter. I have learnt an immeasurable amount through this engagement and cannot recommend it enough as a way of accessing CPD that is free, enjoyable and constantly inspiring. I wrote last week about the pros and cons of ‘Generation Leisure’ and the danger of never switching off: https://lenabellina.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/generation-leisure/.

And this weekend, I am going to switch off. Read a book, spend time with the family. Do a bit of nothing.

But I will switch back on again. Because I have learnt such a lot in the last year, thanks to the generosity of my virtual friends. Learning opportunities have never been so good.

You know who you are. Have a great Easter break and I hope you manage switch off too, eat chocolate and enjoy the new life bursting out around.


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