Thank you for the inspiration

As part of the new Scottish ‘Into Headship’ course, I have done a lot of reading of academic journals, articles and research into leadership. I have found a lot of resonance within the articles that I have read; both between the ideas of the various writers and with my own ideas on leadership and the … Continue reading Thank you for the inspiration

Strength not shame.

Later this week, all being well, I am going to see a band called '5 Seconds of Summer.' My 12 year old daughter adores them and has got me to love them too. It is such a joy having a daughter with good taste in music who helps you discover exciting new bands and feel … Continue reading Strength not shame.

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

This post was mainly inspired by three things: a recent thought-provoking article in the Times Educational Supplement about teaching in urban versus rural schools ( ; a conversation with a friend about whether moving to a rural location could be limiting for one's children; and a wonderful, uplifting radio programme about 'How to Turn Your … Continue reading Town Mouse, Country Mouse