Advent. What is coming?

Advent. A time to reflect, anticipate, prepare.

The complexity of my life just now, both personal and professional, is extreme.
I feel as though I am on the edge of something either very good or completely overwhelming.

I need courage. I need resilience. I need focus and I need to be able to ignore the dramas and prioritise what really matters.

As a leader of the life of my school and as a leader of my own life and the life of my family, I need to remember the following:

  • To plant the soles of my feet firmly on the ground and breathe from the pit of my stomach.
  • That this is my life and that it is not waiting for me somewhere in a distant future when I am ‘grown up enough’ or ‘good enough’.
  • That people are complicated and that part of the challenge of life is trying to understand them and work alongside them.
  • That you can’t make everyone like you. But if they don’t, you should reflect on why this is.
  • That life is good and bad. That we have to work together to celebrate and embrace the good and to challenge and minimise the impact of the bad.
  • That education has the power to transform lives.
  • That we must never stop learning and that mistakes teach us as much as successes.
  • That we are both infinitely important and infinitely unimportant.

And this, from a previous blog:

If ever I run a school or the world, these will be my non-negotiables:

Everyone must be willing to self-reflect and learn.

We don’t shout at others.

We all get things wrong and need to be able to apologise when we do.

We are all human and being in a position of authority does not mean you are better than anyone else.

Everyone needs to take time to see the reality of a situation and not fall into making judgements based on half-truths, prejudice or stereotypes.

Everyone is worthy of love.




One thought on “Advent. What is coming?

  1. Great principles, Lena. And re: “you can’t make everyone like you”, I heard Prof Ngaire Woods of Oxford University talking about Leadership in the 21st century at a conference a couple of weeks ago, and she said leaders should focus more on being trusted and less on being popular. It really struck me!

    Hope Christmas is a re-energising experience for you.


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