The end of a momentous few months


This week I gave an end of term assembly to my S4s.
In it, I recapped key messages from my assemblies over the past year and reflected on the journey we have made together.
Back in June, the key messages were:


Then in August, the messages were:

4 - Copy

5 - Copy

6 - Copy

And in October, we talked about:

7 - Copy
8 - Copy

9 - Copy

In December, they got a lovely colour planner to stick on the fridge:

10 - Copy

And now, we only have this remaining:

15 - Copy

16 - Copy

Also, in December’s whole school assembly, we spoke about how EVERYONE has it in them to be amazing:
17 - Copy
And now, in March, we have significant evidence of how amazing the pupils in S4 are:

18 - Copy

19 - Copy

I then referred to the key messages of the incredible Tree of Knowledge workshops which the pupils attended this week:

20 - Copy

21 - Copy

22 - Copy

23 - Copy

24 - Copy

25 - Copy

26 - Copy

27 - Copy

28 - Copy

These pupils are truly amazing and have it in their grasp to achieve anything.
I wish them every success.















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