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Just dance…part two


Lena Carter · 11 months ago

So before Christmas, I wrote this:…

The results are in.  I work with some pretty amazing people and I want to share the joy with you. Listen along, beat the January blues. And just dance!

1. Bob Marley

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright…

2. Van Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl

3. Pablo Alborán

Pasos de Cero

4. Johnny Cash

Get Rhythm

5. Carly Simon

Let the River Run

6. Armstrong and Miller’s Farmer’s Market.

7. Nevada Ft Mark Morrison, Fetty Wap

The Mack

8. The Cult

She Sells Sanctuary

9. George Jones

White Lightening

10. The Beatles

Eight Days a Week

11. KC and the Sunshine Band

Give It Up

12. Rupert Holmes

Escape (the Pina Colada Song)

13. Toy Story/Randy Newman

You’ve got a Friend in Me

14. Laura Mvula

That’s Alright

15. Gerry Rafferty

Baker Street

16. Queen/David Bowie

Under Pressure

17. Spin Doctors

Two Princes

18. Rush

Far Cry

19. SABH


20. Journey

Don’t Stop Believing

21. Bon Jovi

Living on a Prayer

22. Patti Smith

People Have The Power

23. Justin Timberlake

Can’t Stop the Feeling

24. Cage The Elephant


25. KLF Ft Tammy Wynette

Justified and Ancient

26. Chris de Burgh

Patricia The Stripper

Reasons to be cheerful


Lena Carter · 11 months ago

Friday 20th January. The day that Donald Trump, billionaire and former TV mogul, is sworn in as 45th president of the US.

Life never ceases to surprise.

I hope that for some of you, this provides reason to celebrate and feel optimistic. For me, a normally optimistic person, it provides something slightly different. But my solution is to remember the words of my very wise dad when I used to worry about Reagan and the Cold War back in the 80s: “don’t waste time worrying about the big things you can’t control. Just focus on making a positive difference in your small corner of the world.”

Last Saturday I went to a leadership event where I heard, amongst others, the inspirational (real) David Cameron. I have heard him speak several times and he never fails to entertain or provoke thought.

The focus of what he said largely mirrored the words of my dad. He spoke about the challenges of education, the huge changes ahead and the tyranny of conflicting initiatives.

But he also highlighted the reasons why we do what we do and how we can focus on the things that matter in our own schools and contexts. There is a summary in my blog here:…

Remember the children.

Remember each other.

Remember why you chose do to this sometimes awful but mostly awesome job.

Keep on keeping on.

How are you?


Lena Carter · 11 months ago

How are you?

No, really, how are you? Have you stopped to notice?

Chances are you are a bit tired and run down. It’s that time of year when we maybe don’t think about our wellbeing as much as we should. The busyness around Prelims, reports and parents’ evenings; the dark mornings and evenings which stop us from seeing much daylight; the world courgette crisis and the imminent onslaught of February flu…..all these can serve to leave us vulnerable to illness.

We need to remember to look after ourselves, both physically and mentally.

So, here’s a quick rescue plan if you need a bit of a reminder:

1. Move for ten minutes each day. Walk, dance, vacuum, cycle, whatever works for you.

2. Get outside in the fresh air for 10 minutes each day. (Where possible combine with 1).

3. Think of three positive things each day before you go to sleep and again after you wake up.

4. Listen to a motivational song.

5. Eat and sleep as well as you possibly can.

Take Care.

On behaviour…again


Lena Carter · 10 months ago

Friday thoughts

A few thoughts on behaviour, most of which you will know and some of which it may help to be reminded of:

• Every so often we need to remind pupils about our classroom expectation and boundaries. The best time to do this is at the start of each term but it may be needed at other times. One of my S2 classes has needed it recently. I got too soft with them (due to them having been though a hard time emotionally) and they had begun to push things. So I got tough, reminded them about the fact that we need to learn and went back over the rules and sanctions:


Follow instructions first time

Listen to the speaker

Keep hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself

If not:





In 25 years of teaching, I have never needed any other rules or sanctions than these. They work with any pupil AS LONG AS I REMEMBER TO USE THEM and to stay calm, assertive, adult and model the behaviour I want to see.

• Behaviour is always communication but it is rarely personal to us. When a pupil who has had Adverse Childhood Experiences behaves in a way that is challenging to us, it is not about us; it is about them needing to have boundaries re-enforced, possibly over and over but in a calm and consistent way and until we re-assure them that the world is safe and that some things in life are ok. Some children may not find that re-assurance before they leave school.

• The effects of trauma in a child may take years to surface. When we feel that a particular child has no ‘reason’ to be behaving in a particular way, they may well have a very good reason that we just can’t see right now.

• We all get it wrong sometimes and it is ok to say sorry. I had to do that last week when I got frustrated with an S2 boy and showed it by snapping at him. I found him later in the day to apologise. I said “sorry, I did not give you a chance back there” and he said “sorry, I was tired”.

• Children who want to change their behaviour are often trapped by the expectations of others. The ‘bad boy’ who has always been so will continue to get blamed even once he is no longer guilty. It is the hardest thing to suspend our judgements and see every day as a new opportunity. If you have not seen this, watch it:…

If you want more great ideas on behaviour, this is fab, from Bill Rogers.…



Lena Carter · 10 months ago

Today we had a staff development day.

I put on my brave pants and was 10% braver.

I talked to middle leaders about what I have learnt from Karin Chenoweth…

and David Cameron…;

and laid my cards on the table about what kind of Head of Teaching and Learning I am, why we need to assume that 100% of our pupils can and why excuses are no good. Some voices in the room challenged me but the voices of my virtual PLN spurred me on.

I talked to all staff about our ethos consultation and why it is all of our job to celebrate the greatness in each other and our pupils.

I encouraged 2 colleagues to be 10% braver and they were phenomenal.

I apologised quite a few times. We laughed quite a few times.

I learnt that, when you have bought a cardigan from a charity shop, it is not a great idea to wear it for the first time in front of an audience only to discover it has holes in.

I am starting the long weekend (no half term in this part of Scotland) with hope.

I feel positive about seeds sown and although I am tired, it is the tiredness that follows working hard to achieve something.

I am hugely grateful to @womened, @SCEL, @healthyteachertoolkit and @malCPD.

I am feeling less of a tired old giraffe and more of a zebra in my herd……


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