I have nothing to write or say.

If you want to know how I CAN write, how much I reflect on my job, my rôle, education and “all things learning”, feel free to read back through my blog. Lots of people have told me that I write well. That I inspire, help, teach through my writing.


But just now, I am not doing too well. I feel low, tired and the much-needed holidays didn’t really refresh me.

So I am writing this to say that just now, I can’t write.

I can’t see much point in it.

I have been here before and I will get back to somewhere better.

I will manage the day job just fine and I will find solace in the classroom, in teaching the subject I love and in helping lead my school.

There isn’t space for much else.

Don’t worry and don’t ask.

But above all, don’t think that anyone is immune from not living up to what the world (or perhaps the world of their inner critical voice) expects.






2 thoughts on “This.

  1. I’m alongside you on this one. I feel like I am about to run out of vavavoom! I too have been here before and know that I just need to pare back and look after myself, eat properly, allow time for sleep and not fill every waking minute with something that someone else wants me to do. Let me know if you want to chat any time. Take care of yourself, you make too much difference to too many people not to xx


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