The wisdom of Pooh.

This afternoon my son Ru and I went to see the new Christopher Robin film.

It was Ru’s choice.

It tells of how the grown up Christopher Robin has moved to London, works too hard, ignores his lovely wife and daughter and is stressed and burnt out. He has become horribly serious and forgotten how to play. He has clearly suffered from being sent away to boarding school, losing  his father at a young age, being made to grow up too soon and experiencing the trauma of fighting in a war.

Spoiler alert: he ends up finding the 100 acre wood gang, realising that he needs to connect with his playful and imaginative side again, stopping for a bit….and being ok.

I think my boy was trying to tell me something.

I laughed, cried, slept for 10 minutes as I am so exhausted from work already worn out feeling it should be a wake-up call.

You can read some of the very lovely quotes from the film here:

There is also a brilliant quote at the end about the exploitative Woozles who get all the credit why the rest of us rush round doing the work……and another about how we can find solutions to problems when we just look at them from a different angle.

Go and see it. And heed the warnings.

“When you do nothing, it leads to the very best of something.”



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