Before You Do It

As a result of my work as a secondary teacher and my personal experience as a child, parent and mental health advocate, I have come to the conclusion that we need to talk more about parenting to teenagers. I am making a pledge that, a year from now, on International Women’s Day 2020, I will have created a resource that will have been shared with all schools and parents and carers of teenagers across Scotland.

This is not the work of women alone but mothers need to be even more informed if they are to grow a baby within them.

I am sure that there is some great work around this out there already but I want to bring it together and make it accessible and easy to find. The resources will help our young people to explore the answers to the questions below.

For now, the questions are out there. You need to be able to answer “yes” if you are to be the best parent that you can. It may take some work for you to find the answers but the work is crucial. 

Before you do it. #B4UDoIt

6 questions to ask yourself before you choose to have a sexual encounter that could result in a life being created. Please only go ahead and do it if you can answer “yes”.

  1. Do you know about the impact that your physical and mental health and behaviour could have on that life from the moment it is created?
  2. Do you know how hugely important being a parent is and how much utter fear, joy and magic it brings?
  3. Do you know how much parenting takes out of you and how it makes you learn and re-examine everything you thought you knew?
  4. Have you reflected on what you experienced in terms of parenting when you were a child and learned from that?
  5. Do you know how important it is to love your child unconditionally?
  6. Do you know the rights that every child born on this planet has?

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