Summer wellbeing sunshine

How will you hold onto the summer sunshine, particularly when the nights draw in and the autumn storms gather?

As teachers, we often allow ourselves to get into the habit of pushing ourselves too hard during term time and holding out for the holidays, in order to focus on our wellbeing.

I have been as guilty as anyone of this, particularly when I was younger. Fiona Leadbeater and I discussed this issue in the March episode of my show for TeacherHug Radio, The I Factor in Your Wellbeing, and agreed that the approach isn’t a sustainable one, particularly as we get older.

If we want teachers to stay healthy and happy in the profession and avoid burnout, a focus on wellbeing has to be part of our everyday.

To use some clichés – we are in a profession that involves a marathon, not a sprint…. and like a dog is not just for Christmas, looking after your physical and mental health cannot happen just in the holidays.

With this in mind, I am setting a little challenge, as I sit here in the sun on the last Monday of my holiday. I invite you to join in.

How will you take the summer wellbeing sunshine into the new academic year?

What will you commit to, as an intention? (no shoulds or guilt if you don’t, as advised by Christine Couser in episode one of The I Factor in Your Wellbeing).

I’ll start.

I commit to going to bed at 10.30pm on a school night.

I’ll post this on Twitter today.

I invite you to add to the thread by replying to my tweet and if you can, add the hashtag #summerwellbeingsunshine

You can either say what your intention is or just comment “I’ve got one” and keep it to yourself.

Then, in six weeks time, on Monday 20th September, I’ll send a gentle tweet to ask you to reflect on how it’s going.

Maybe, with a bit of mutual encouragement and support, we’ll remember to give our physical and mental wellbeing the priority it….and we….deserve.

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