Ode to a toe.

Rushing, rushing, rushing

Pushing, pushing, pushing

Trying, trying, trying

To fit more in.

Shutting out the warning signs




Virtuously signalling

Absolving any sin.

Until a clumsy accident

Upsets a metatarsal

Who coughs and says politely

“You need to listen up.

I hurt, you’re tired

You need to rest

You can’t keep running circles

You need to take your own advice

And stop and fill your cup.

Cos if you don’t

I’ll get my friends

To join me in this go-slow

And you, without us

Won’t be fit to

Keep directing the show.

The show where you

Can be a star

And give the world your strengths

And love and joy

And superpowers

And go to any lengths

To make this life a brighter one

For everyone you meet…..

But listen, lady

You need us

To keep you on your feet.

To keep the show out on the road

And all the wheels a-turning

To make sure that the lights stay on

And you’re not close to burning



The toe has spoken true.

And so I must agree to pause

And put me before you.

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