Trust If you must Or wait. Watch to detect whether this is Lust Or the Dust of a previous Relationship Or frust Ration. Ration the things That you offer in return Maybe. Until a little time has passed And a light Rust Reassures you That this one won’t bust.

Emotional contagion

Often we write to express the darkness the sadness the feelings that we can only put down on paper safely contained in black and white so they can’t drip and damage and hurt. I know I do I don’t scream or rage at you or tell you of the unkind feelings I have towards you. … Continue reading Emotional contagion



I am worried about everything And nothing. Free floating anxiety Generalised anxiety disorder Call it what you will. A hyper-vigilant, jingly-jangly nervous system And a brain that wants to fix all the broken things to soothe the jangling inside. Shouting headlines that don’t help Broken education Broken NHS Broken care system Broken environment Broken me? … Continue reading Anxious


It’s New Year’s Day and I’m tired. I have tried several times to write a piece about the New Year..hopes..dreams..advice…. but is has alluded me. I used to be so good at writing blog posts. If I look back, I can see endless posts, words and ideas and it genuinely surprises me that my brain … Continue reading Tired

And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…or have I?

Hello. It’s me again. It’s that slightly blurry time between Christmas and New Year and I am sitting in the back of a car…. So true to form, I have decided to write. I love writing. The shaping of words into patterns that help me and perhaps others to make some sort of sense of … Continue reading And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…or have I?