Words of experience that we should all heed.

Last year I began a side-line as a radio presenter for Teacher Hug Radio, a new internet radio station for teachers created by Paul *When the Adults Change* Dix. I loved doing my show and there is more information about it here: https://lenabellina.wordpress.com/2021/08/07/the-i-factor-in-your-wellbeing/ This summer and after over a year on air, I made the … Continue reading Words of experience that we should all heed.

De frosting.

Don’t talk. Listen. A cicada. The 8am angelus. The floating French voices on the breeze. Don’t move. Sit with. The stillness. Your heartbeat. The rays which start to defrost that well-layered mask. Don’t look. See. The blue sky. The green vines. The orange passion fruits. The people who are here and matter. Don’t think. Float. … Continue reading De frosting.