Burnout ditty.

Don’t burn out Take good care Let the others Do their share. Eat good food Sleep enough Pace yourself when Things get tough. I say these words And mean it too When they relate To them or you. But to myself They don’t apply Even though I try and try To take a break And … Continue reading Burnout ditty.


Ode to a toe.

Rushing, rushing, rushing Pushing, pushing, pushing Trying, trying, trying To fit more in. Shutting out the warning signs Fitter Faster Stronger Virtuously signalling Absolving any sin. Until a clumsy accident Upsets a metatarsal Who coughs and says politely “You need to listen up. I hurt, you’re tired You need to rest You can’t keep running … Continue reading Ode to a toe.

I can’t.

I’m done with trying to please you I’m done with fitting in I’m done with losing battles that I’m well equipped to win. I’m done with keeping quiet With being meek and good With listening to the critics With all their oughts and shoulds. So now I’m on a different path And headed somewhere new … Continue reading I can’t.


Maybe it’s my age And maybe it’s my sex And maybe it’s my personality. Maybe it’s post-covid And maybe it’s my background And maybe maybe maybe it’s just me. But every time I wonder And look for ways to cope By reading, searching, looking somewhere else. I end back here sitting and finding words within … Continue reading Maybe