Being Alive

Just around about 30 years ago my life changed. Up until that point I had been muddling through, not really knowing what the point was or what my place in the world was. In the many years since, I’ve come to realise that I was a young woman with ADHD. Back then, however, I just … Continue reading Being Alive

My Apologies*

* (as in giving my…but not sorry because I know I did the right thing..) To my lovely WomenEdScotland friends, I am so sorry that I had to miss our get together today. I would not have missed it if I could have been there…but in the end I had to admit that I couldn’t. … Continue reading My Apologies*

Wow! Maybe I have ADHD…

This appeared on the BBC this week and is a great piece to help raise awareness for #ADHDawarenessmonth. The hilarious part is that I can still almost look at articles like this and think “I really recognise myself in this, what a coincidence! Drama, creativity, lateness, feeling I don’t fit….”And then I remember that … Continue reading Wow! Maybe I have ADHD…

Engaging with families

Back in the spring I had the huge good fortune to speak with Clare Pirie on her Connectrio podcast about what makes for effective engagement with parents and carers. You can hear the podcast episode here: Below are also the notes that I spoke form (roughly) which are based on my recent reflections around … Continue reading Engaging with families