I am feeling paralysed. Too many upsetting, infuriating things have happened this week.  Some in the world. Some just in my head. Too much to think about. Too much to say. Too much to do. Overwhelming. But on my angry, tear-fuelled cycle ride just now, I have realised. They are connected. So..... Miss Bell is … Continue reading Mistakes….

An open letter to Mr John Swinney

12th June 2016 Dear Mr Swinney Yesterday I went to an inspiring conference about education called #northernrocks in Leeds. You can read about it in my blog here: http://staffrm.io/@lenabellina/2J7SDHT8uO#comment_34244 But the blog post does not mention one really crucial part of the day,  which was a debate entitled 'Can tests and exams tell us what … Continue reading An open letter to Mr John Swinney