Damn you and thank you, Michael Bublé.

An ADHD moment.

I feel wretched.

Everything this week has gone well.

I have made great progress at work.

I spoke at an event last night for Education Scotland as a neurodivergent leader.

I have loved teaching my classes.

I have two children and a husband who are mostly happy and healthy and who make me immeasurably proud on a daily basis.

But I am feeling that wretchedness that comes with having been super-efficient, hyper-busy and hyper-focused all week.

And that comes with not having allowed myself to relax.

I am fed up with having #ADHD.

I am fed up with being in charge and in control.

I don’t want to be a neurodivergent role model tonight.

I want to wail and swear and be sad and cross and angry.

And I am so, so very tired.

So Michael Bublé’s new album has sent me slightly over the edge.

Damn you and thank you, Michael Bublé.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.

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